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[cdt-l] caffiene for the newly altitudededed

--- Karen Borski <kborski@yahoo.com> wrote:
> If anyone wants to share their favorite suggestions
> for altitude preparedness, things that seemed to work
> for them, things they've read, etc., I'd love the
> input.  My knowledge is carb load a day or two before,
> drink lots of water, avoid caffeine, take it slow.

### "...Avoid caffiene..."? Ouch! A reason that idea might make
it in there is that caffiene is a diuretic -- causing the body
to void water. But you can make up for that by simply
maintaining your normal liquids intake. [!!!!!] For me (a
low-grade, but powerfully hooked caffiene addict), avoiding
caffiene would bring on headaches, loss of appetite,
listlessness, foul mood, sleepfullness, ..... sounds a lot like
altitude sickness, eh? Maybe "Don't overdo the caffiene trying
to stay awake from long distance traveling to the trailhead."
might be a better idea.

(who's never been above 6,800', outside of an airline cabin....)

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