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[cdt-l] northbounders nonflipflop update

for those it may interest, to the best of my knowledge, there are 5 of us
heading north who havent flipflopped. Porter and I got off the trail in
Silverthorne and it appears we have taken the lead, probably just until
today. We have all been hiking withing 2 days of eachother since Monarch
Pass. Looks like 4th of July Festivities a Copper slowed the two guys in
front of us and the guy we passed at Monarch is hiking with some
friends in the Gore Range. But were at home in boulder for a couple days
(to work on our tan lines!! just joking!) so
I don't think well catch them until WY. It has been incredibly warm
weather, all the problem snow is long gone... we went swimming near
Eccles Pass in an alpine lake, there have been some incredible sunsets. I
still don't think it's FL though (if it's any consolation)!! Havent had
any problem snow since about Wolf Creeek, there was lots of water in the
Only have met 4 thru hikers and 4 section hikers... would love to see the
rest of you. May you continue to thrive on the trail!