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[cdt-l] We made it to Old Faithful

That westward route is a really nice one, hole in the wall campground is
spectacular as is the lake on the way (forget the name) I would
reccomend this iver belly river but polebridge is more remote though you
should be able to find a ride to apgar fairly easily.....


On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Ginny & Jim Owen wrote:

> Shachaf -
> Last I heard, the Waterton route was closed at the border.  But you'll find 
> out for sure when you try to get your permit for Glacier NP.  If it's still 
> closed, the Belly River Route is one option.  The other is to go west from 
> Goat Haunt across Brown Pass and out to Polebridge.
> Jim
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> >
> >Hey everyone !
> >
> >I'm with Bill and Tom at Old Faithful village.
> >The trail over from Togottee to here was snow free but you gotta watch for 
> >the stream crossings... the buffalo creak is a nasty sunofa#%^ !
> >If you can and need to go there , take the alternate which goes over to the 
> >bridge above that creek...
> >Other than that, you can probably get over all the reast.
> >We are planning on doing the Anaconda cutoff , so the last few adds about 
> >it are helpful!
> >Thanks.
> >I also got the info. about the fackt that I may have a problem hiking 
> >through Glacier to Waterton.
> >Would anyone know what do I have to do in order to get through all the way 
> >like any other local hiker ?
> >
> >Good luck to all you guys in Co. right now and all you SB's starting - kick 
> >ass !
> >
> >Shachaf.
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