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[cdt-l] CDT maps on CD-ROM

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I've finished the latest update of my CD-ROM of CDT maps. I sent them to
everyone on my "waiting list" today. If you want a copy of the CD-ROM,
just e-mail me at: jonathan@phlumf.com with your address & I'll mail you
one.  If you want to compensate me for my costs & time, I'll leave that
up to you.

The CD contains 242 printable maps of the CDT with "the trail" & a
number of alternates drawn on them. The route I've mapped doesn't always
match the route described in the various guidebooks. especially in parts
of New Mexico. but I've tried to map or at least mention many of the
routes I know about. The maps are based on the 1:24000 or 7.5 minute
quads. When printed on 8.5x11 sheets of paper, the maps come to a scale
of about 1:60000. all the data from the 7.5 minute quads is there, it's
just squished into fine print, etc.

I've added a number of notes on the maps based on my observations in
2001 & feedback I got from people who hiked the trail in 2002. In this
update, I've also added larger scale overview maps to provide broader
coverage (in case you need to bail off the trail or get seriously lost,
etc.). Also in this update, I've added mileages to the maps. The
mileages are there to help you plan your day, and usually between
landmarks about 4-8 miles apart. I measured the mileages on a set of
printed maps with a rolling-measurement tool. so I can't guarantee
they're absolutely accurate (it's difficult to measure switchbacks) but
hopefully they're consistent. The mileages probably won't match the
mileages in the guidebooks in most cases. Hopefully they're not too far
off though.

More detailed information & a downloadable sample map are available on
my web site at:


Anyway, good luck & best wishes to all future hikers and admirers of the

-Jonathan Ley