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[cdt-l] Fw: Water concerns in NM

Below are my waypoints and observations of some of the
water sources on Jim Wolf's route from Palomas through
the Gila from my hike last spring(a very dry year).
Plus one from Idaho.


--- Brett Tucker <blisterfree@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Let me reword my question for brevity:
> Hey CDT hikers! How's the water situation in New
> Mexico? Any big surprises,
> good or bad, compared with the various guidebooks'
> assurances and
> predictions?
> Thanks,
> - blister(free)

South of Demming, NM, CDTS Route

South of the Florida Mountains on the CDTS route that
bypasses that mountains.
32=B0 01.588'N, 107=B0 36.306'W (Solar power, olive color

Blue Water Windmill
32=B0 05.443N, 107=B0 35.665'W

North of Demming, NM, CDTS Route

Spider Windmill
32=B0 21.208'N, 107=B0 42.734'W (Opaque green water in the
tank. There was no wind when we were there)

Storage tank with a float valve near cattle troughs
32=B0 22.617'N 107=B0 42.486W  (The water might come from
the windmill to the Northeast
In my photo album at Backcountry.net, Sly's up on the
tank getting water)

Closed holding tank.  Couldn't get inside.  Spigot on
the tank, algae in the troughs.
 32=B0 23.284N, 107=B0 42.366'W

"Windmill 4683"
32=B0 25.063'N, 107=B0 42.455'W (Good flow into a storage

Cooks Spring Station
32=B0 27' 39.5"N, 107=B0 39' 23.6"  (cattle tank) Didn't
find the spring

Stock tank near Hyatt Ranch  (In my photo album at
Backcountry.net, Sly's pumping water from it)
32=B0 27.727'N, 107=B0 37.733'

Stock tank in Hadley Draw
32=B0 29.522'N, 107=B0 37.668'W
Malfunctioning float valve. Constant flow of great

32=B0 31.469'N, 107=B0 36.010'W
good water

Gila National Forest

Berrenda Spring
In 5/02 stagnant puddles in the creek bed,  usable
N32=B0 48.469'N, 107=B0 44.501W

Donahue Canyon
Spring.  Be careful not to miss it.  It's across the
drainage as you head down from the trail.
Slow trickle from a broken pipe.  The water in the
tank was opaque.
32=B0 49.768'N, 107=B0 45.350'W

Spring 0.4 mi. North of the Hillsboro Peak bypass.  In
5/02, wet soil only.  I dug down, but no water seeped
into the hole.  I don't have the coordinates.

Good Spring on Trail 93
32=B0 59.122'N, 107=B0 51.294'W

Todd Ciegna Tank
Muddy water stirred up by fish.
33=B0 49' 07.0"N, 108=B0 28' 33.4"W

Large slatted fence described in the CDTS Guidebook.
33=B0 50.281'N, 108=B0 28.179'W

Damian Spring
tank dry. Spring is up the gully from
33=B0 52' 35.3"N, 108=B0 27' 32.7"W
Shallow puddles with a slow recovery rate in 5/02.  I
pumped from a deep footprint.

And one in Idaho.

Latham Spring between Macks Inn and Yellowstone.  Good
source. Other hikers that we talked to were unable to
find it.
44=B0 27' 34.2"N, 111=B0 08' 43.8"W

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