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[cdt-l] Fw: Water concerns in NM

Let me reword my question for brevity:

Hey CDT hikers! How's the water situation in New Mexico? Any big surprises,
good or bad, compared with the various guidebooks' assurances and

- blister(free)

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Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 7:26 PM
Subject: Water concerns in NM

> I wonder if anyone with recent experience walking the CDT in southern New
> Mexico during springtime, and who has followed all or most of Jim Wolf's
> route, could comment on water conditions vis a vis the guidebook's
> of what to expect in an "average" year. For instance, in reading the guide
> data for the stretch between the border at Palomas and the "end" of the
> desert in the Mimbres Mtns, I get the impression that wells, tanks,
> windmills, and the occasional developed source, should actually keep the
> waterless stretches quite manageable (under 15 miles, on average). What
> the most water you carried at a time in New Mexico? Did you need to carry
> much? What was the longest waterless stretch?
> Muchos gracias,
> - blisterfree