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[cdt-l] CDT Transportation in Wyoming

Actually, the trail goes right through Rawlins... Although, it's hardly
the most inspiring part of the CDT, The "trail" follows the highway
north of Rawlins for a dozen miles or so before heading northwest into
the Great Divide Basin (i.e. high desert). Walking next to speeding cars
for miles isn't the most entertaining "welcome to the CDT!" I could
think of. If you're really bent on heading off into  some random place
in the desert off I-80, you can often talk the bus drivers into making a
stop along the way... as long as there's somewhere to stop (other than
along the shoulder on I-80). I'm not sure you'll have much luck in that
bit of I-80 though as there's a whole lotta nutin' around there (well,
there might be a quick on/off exit). You'd do well to check with
greyhound first though!

I-80 doesn't head through Lander... that's Hwy 287...

Just which section of the trail are you planning to hike? Sounds like
"Rawlins to Yellowstone"? That'd be a pretty cool section... There would
probably be good bus service from West Yellowstone to just about

Hard to postulate any more without knowing what I'm postulatin' 'bout...


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My partner and I, from the UK, are intending to hike a
section of the cdt this coming summer.
We know Greyhound has a service between Rawlins and Rock
Springs, but will it drop passengers near where the Trail
crosses I 80?
Are there any buses along route 80 from Lander/Riverton?
How can we get back to Salt Lake City from the north of the
Are we better flying in to Denver?
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