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[cdt-l] Re: Which CDT Starting Point (Ken Powers)

We started at Tierra Commun (Common Grounds), just off the road from
Antelope Wells and thought it was great - the main advantage being that we
didn't have to roadwalk to start out. Water was plentiful in windmills along
the way and terrain is open and pretty easy to navigate.

The disadvantages were getting there (we followed the CDTA "directions" and
bumped around on some dirt roads for quite a while before getting to the
start; though Jeff Cullum at the Hachita general store is willing to drive
folks to Tierra Commun (or Antelope Wells) for a small fee).

Following the CDTA route, we hitched into Hachita (8 miles) from the highway
(not where you first cross the road, but futher north). It was actually one
of the tougher hitches we had - not a lot of traffic and the fact that it's
right on the Mexican border makes folks a little less likely to pick people

And, if you're interested in a snazzy picture at the Mexican border, there's
nothing at Tierra Commun other than a barbed-wire fence (which is apparently
pretty permeable - we saw a couple trucks on the US side come right back out
the Mexico side without going through any official border crossing).


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>I have been waiting to see what response this question got. Hmmm, no
>opinions on starting locations.
>We started at Antelope Wells. That allowed us to stash water along the
>highway between Hachita and the border. It is a roadwalk, but we made great
>miles for it being the start - 45 miles into Hachita in about 1 1/2 days.
>This route also avoids private lands. I know others who started at Common
>Ground. They roughly followed BLM roads to the highway, and also stashed
>water. Seems the water availabilty is the key to where to start.
>We talked to one of the ranchers along the highway. We learned early how
>serious these people are about land ownership issues. He didn't care if we
>pumped water from his cow tanks, but would deny giving us permission if
>anything went to court. He didn't want any legal responsibility for sick
>hikers. Then he told us he would have hikers arrested for tresspassing if
>they were on some areas of his land. These areas seemed like they were not
>near any of the routes CDT hikers speak of.
>I think you will find that the starting point is still a personal
>in sourthern NM. It is nice to hear of someone in the area who is
>in the CDT and can provide information to the list.
>My thoughts

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