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[cdt-l] Which CDT Starting Point

I have been into the Floridas several times. Usually up and back in a few
locations, but not full length. I have not seen any Ibex, well just one
skull from one a cat probably caught and ate. Reports of a few mountain
lions has made it exciting. Supposedly you can pretty much walk the ridge
line except for one part near the southern end, which will require a steep
down and uphill climb. And water is always an issue, but I am getting info
on where the water catches are.

Also, if you take that route through Cookes Range, there is a really good
display of Petrogylphs and a few caves that would be a good stopping place.
I would not camp in the caves since they are sort of protected. If anyone is
interested, I can provide the Lat/Long or UTM coordinates.

Bill, DesertRat

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> Has anyone done the
> one through the Floridas?

Yeah, well kind of.

We didn't go over the Floridas, but around them.  If it wasn't our first day
out, wasn't as hot as it was, had some trail legs and a little more
confidence with finding the cross country route, we may have tried to go

The mountains look great and I hope to do them the next time.  Maybe even
some Ibex!

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