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[cdt-l] Another Question

> I think most people take the train (amtrak) to/from East Glacier. It's usually
> cheaper than a one-way plane ticket (which is never 1/2 of a round-trip
> ticket). Plus, I think the train is a really neat way to prepare yourself
> mentally for the trail - it's not so "sudden". Don't bother with the sleeper
> cars though unless you have $'s to spare. The regular seats go "way back".
> One last thing... I thought I remember hearing a story about that particular
> route being "discontinued" due to amtrak's never-ending financial problems. I
> don't think that's happened to this point (amtrak still shows it as a valid
> route), but it's something to watch. I guess the bus would be a second choice.

	The Empire Builder is still running. For now. It may not be by the
summer. The regional politicians are attempting to keep it alive, but
Amtrak's having serious problems.

> >From East Glacier, you have to hitch or "make a deal with somebody" to get a
> ride to Belly River. Perhaps another hitch if you want to get to Waterton.
> There is a shuttle that runs between all the Glacier Lodges & the Waterton
> lodge, but it doesn't start running until mid-July... I don't know what time of
> year the shuttle stops running.
> -Jonathan

	For what it's worth, Missoula, while further from Glacier, would be
less expensive than Kalispell. As an added bonus, I could assist anyone
who arrives that way, and could possibly even get you Where you want to
go in Glacier.


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