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[cdt-l] 2003 Sobos

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In a message dated 1/22/2003 5:56:27 PM Eastern Standard Time,
gottawalk@pacbell.net writes:

> We hiked fast and far to get to Atlantic City just for a burger stop. No
> stores in Atlantic City but 2 restuarants

I don't know how many shot of schnapps the new owners at the Merc gave us,
but it was a few!  The also had some of the best burgers on the trail.

However, the best burger on the entire trail was at Bertram's in Salmon, ID
I'm still thinking about those!

~ Burgers ~served with home fries or chips and all the trimmings
Bertram=E2=80=99s Belly Buster Burger ~ the ultimate double home made patty=
in mushrooms, onions, peppers and bacon saut=C3=A9ed in Bertram=E2=80=99s M=
t. Borah Brown
Ale and then topped with provolone cheese=C2=A0