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[cdt-l] 2003 Sobos

Keep in mind for the following that we were a continuous NoBo hike. We also
enjoy a good motel and food at a town stop. We mailed most food but tried to
buy fresh lunches. However, it always felt sooo good to get back to the
trail where we belong.

We did not do the Anaconda cutoff. We did enjoy the hike through that area
but it wasn't as spectacular as Anaconda Pintler. We saw absolutely nobody
which is kind of fun.

MacksInn was a compromise for us and in retrospect was probably a good call.
Two water sources were dry (Latham Spring and along the new bog bridges that
connect the divide route with the park border. This is an example of new CDT
trail building that thru-hikers will probably never use.) I wanted to be on
the divide above the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake to see the changes from
above but it didn't happen this trip due to mileage and lack of water. Hell
Roaring Creek and Lillian Lake (Jim Wolf's route) were great fun and worked

Cirque of the Towers is a must hike. Lots of hikers were there but the
scenery was the best. We hiked from Big Sandy over Jackass Pass to the
Cirque then east to Ice Lake Trail to Sweetwater Gap. Fantastic! I told even
non hiking friends that everybody should visit this area.

We were in & out of Lima in 5 hours hitching on I-15! We ate both breakfast
and lunch in one sitting. = ) I paid the motel $20 for 2 showers, laundry
and a ride back to the trail. We were using Westcliff and needed quads and
got a couple but not all that we wanted at a garage/outfitter in town. Food
was a mini-mart at a gas station. We had a box at the PO...good thing.

Dubois was a good stop easy to get in and out. Motel owner drove us back NC
but ranted about wolves and gun control. We smiled and listened.

We had a box at South Pass City but had to go to Lander to buy a water
filter replacement, bug bandana and new Zrest. All were casualties of the
red dessert. Hitches were incredible! One was a college group from a back
home CA college and another was an empty charter bus that stopped for us!

When we drove the divide in 2001, Monarch Lodge told us that they absolutely
would not accept packages as they didn't want responsibility. Hitching from
their parking lot was quick.We thought Solida was great and had everything
including good restaurants. Motel owner drove 4 of us back for $10. Jim Wolf
has a cut off that we were going to use but for us it was cross the road
then hike about 11 miles. Food was calling when we got to the road. SoBo
could use that cut off to get to Garfield for a hitch.

Hatchita is a possible resupply. Doc Campbell's (Gila) probably not. The
store was closed when we went by and we looked through the windows but
didn't see anything worth waiting for.

We used Lake City but I think we should have used Creede. The cars were all
headed for Creed from the pass (we finally asked and paid another camper for
a ride) and Creed is more compact. Lake City was spread out and all motels
were closed whern we got to town at 8:00. We stayed at a condo cabin. Our
ride back took several hours and it was a Creede businessman going back to

Have a wonderful hike!


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Heading to Glacier in early June to start our Sobo trip & have miscellaneous
questions for any & all who can help out...

Routing ?s:  I know the Anaconda cutoff takes you right into town, but what
are you missing in terms of scenery?  Same with the Macks Inn vs. Henry lake
"official" route.  Also, any good routing info/advice to include Cirque of
the Towers?  Any other awesome alternative routes will be greatly accepted!

Resupply ?s:  Is Lima worth the trip?  Recommendations on resupplying at
Dubois vs Togwatee Lodge, S Pass City vs. Lander, Monarch Lodge vs. Salida.
Also, Sly just mentioned sending a package to the Monarch Pass store...is
this possible? Ph#/Address to inquire?
And can you resupply out of Hachita & the store at Gila?
We're shop as you goers, but will mail things from trail when needed.

Thanks all!
Kam "Snowball" & Miracle Mike

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