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[cdt-l] 2003 Sobos


Others will probably have other comments & opinions, but mine are below *


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Subject: [cdt-l] 2003 Sobos
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:09:51 -0600
From: "Kam Mudd" <pctsnowball@hotmail.com>
To: cdt-l@mailman.backcountry.net

Heading to Glacier in early June to start our Sobo trip & have miscellaneous
questions for any & all who can help out...

Routing ?s:  I know the Anaconda cutoff takes you right into town, but what
are you missing in terms of scenery?
* I hiked around Butte... There is a nice section of trail NE of Butte
(although it only lasts a half-day. I had a good time making up a route south
of Butte as the designated route was a lot of roads. "they" are building new
sections of trail SE of Butte to get off the roads, but they're not done yet.
The area west of I-15 to hwy274 is pretty nice, it's a lot of ATV trails, but I
didn't see any ATVs in 2001. The country around Larkspur Spring was very nice.
I suppose it depends on your priorities & schedule. I didn't mind days without
"mind-blowing scenery", for me it was just important to be out there. But, you
don't miss anything spectacular by taking the Cutoff.

Same with the Macks Inn vs. Henry lake
"official" route.
* I did the Macks Inn route, so I can't really say, but I heard the other route
"Isn't spectactular".

Also, any good routing info/advice to include Cirque of
the Towers?  Any other awesome alternative routes will be greatly accepted!
* You can head up past shadow lake, etc & over Texas Pass then south over
Jackass Pass and pick up the route again at Big Sandy Lake. The problem is this
will by-pass Big Sandy Lodge, which is a crucial stop. If you plan to stop at
Big Sandy Lodge, I'd suggest doing an "out and back from Big Sandy Lake to
Jackass Pass & back again, then continuing on your way. You might be able to
stash/hang your pack making the side-trip easier.
There are a bunch of other alternate routes in the winds & in other places. I
think someone published a book of alternate routes... I also have a number of
them drawn on my maps. (including the Cirque)

Resupply ?s:  Is Lima worth the trip?
* Lima isn't a "really awesome town", but I had fun there. Logistically, it's a
good stop. I had an aweful time hitching back to the trail, but most did not.
There are only very minimal supplies at the gas station... but a good restaurant.

Recommendations on resupplying at
Dubois vs Togwatee Lodge, S Pass City vs. Lander
* If you can get everything you need in your mail-drops, S. Pass City will work
fine. If you need to buy food or other supplies, try Lander. Lander is a good
place to pick up new equipment too - NOLS is headquartered there. I'm not sure
 if there's a store in Atlantic City, but that might be another option.

, Monarch Lodge vs. Salida.
Also, Sly just mentioned sending a package to the Monarch Pass store...is
this possible? Ph#/Address to inquire?
And can you resupply out of Hachita & the store at Gila?

* There isn't much of anything to buy in Hachita... there is a restaurant
though & you can get snockered at the Hachita Saloon if you time it right ;)

We're shop as you goers, but will mail things from trail when needed.

Thanks all!
Kam "Snowball" & Miracle Mike

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