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[cdt-l] 2003 Sobos

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In a message dated 1/22/2003 4:13:41 PM Eastern Standard Time,
pctsnowball@hotmail.com writes:

> Resupply ?s:  Is Lima worth the trip?  Recommendations on resupplying at
> Dubois vs Togwatee Lodge, S Pass City vs. Lander, Monarch Lodge vs. Salida.
> Also, Sly just mentioned sending a package to the Monarch Pass store...is
> this possible? Ph#/Address to inquire?

By skipping Lima you'll have about a 160 mile haul.  The guy at the motel
there this year was very helpful and hiker friendly.  He's trying to get in
with  CDT hikers such as they are, and is open to suggestions.  The town
itself doesn't have much to offer, but also has a small store, a PO and a
great breakfast place with huge portions.  We had a friend meet us so we
didn't have to hitch on the Interstate which is your best option in.

I thought Dubois was a great town and the guy from the Bear something motel
gave us a free ride back to the trail.  He was also had the least expensive
accommodations and the rooms were nice.  He had lots of great stories, would
have ahd a campfire for us by the river and the type of person I like to meet
when I'm hiking.  I've heard good things about Togwatee Lodge, but never
stopped there.  Brooks Lake Lodge will also accept packages, but you'll have
to dispose of your own waste and you couldn't burn it at the nearby
campground as they had a fire ban in effect when we passed through.

The lady at the South pass City PO/store is a trail angel and will host you
in her home with showes and meals for a small donation.  Another great person
to meet, her name is Barbara.

I don't have the address or number for the Monarch Pass store, but I was
turned on to that they held packages by a couple Aussies.  It's gotta be in
the guidebooks somewhere, but I sold mine.  Plan on buying new ones in