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[cdt-l] 2003 Sobos

Heading to Glacier in early June to start our Sobo trip & have miscellaneous
questions for any & all who can help out...

Routing ?s:  I know the Anaconda cutoff takes you right into town, but what
are you missing in terms of scenery?  Same with the Macks Inn vs. Henry lake
"official" route.  Also, any good routing info/advice to include Cirque of
the Towers?  Any other awesome alternative routes will be greatly accepted!

Resupply ?s:  Is Lima worth the trip?  Recommendations on resupplying at
Dubois vs Togwatee Lodge, S Pass City vs. Lander, Monarch Lodge vs. Salida.
Also, Sly just mentioned sending a package to the Monarch Pass store...is
this possible? Ph#/Address to inquire?
And can you resupply out of Hachita & the store at Gila?
We're shop as you goers, but will mail things from trail when needed.

Thanks all!
Kam "Snowball" & Miracle Mike

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