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[cdt-l] Food

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In a message dated 1/22/2003 2:36:01 PM Eastern Standard Time,
pmags@yahoo.com writes:

> The most
> food I carried for that stretch was 9 1/2 days. I also
> did an eight day stetch from VVR to Tuolomne Meadows
> (I do not have my notes handy...my memory is a little
> fuzzy on the number of days spent hiking that stretch)

Mags you must have taken the scenic route!  Isn't it only three days or so to
TM from VVR?

On the CDT you'll find the longest stretch about 150 miles from Pagosa
Springs to Lake City or Creede, although you could bail out to Silverton.
There are other stretches where you could go well over 150 miles if you
wanted to skip some towns, but you'd be talking something like 200 miles
between stops.

One town you may want to skip (which is a hard and long hitch) is Salida and
mail a drop right at the Monarch Pass store.