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[cdt-l] Speaking of trailheads....

This question is being asked way too early, but all
these discussions of getting to a trail head makes it
seem like a good time to ask. Plus, well, even
plannning for a long trip gets me excited. :-)

Anyway, if a friend was to join me for the last week
(call it 5-7 days of hiking) on a thru-hike going
southbound, where would be a good place to meet up?
Antelope Wells would be the finish point. I have known
this friend of mine since 1st grade, have backpacked
with him a lot when I was still back in New England
and he has joined me for the last week of hiking on
the AT and the PCT. He is calling these one week hikes
his "One Week Triple Crown". :-)

Just something for me to think about as I plan the

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