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[cdt-l] Amtrak

Ditto on taking the train to start (or end) a the

I never took a long train ride before and decided to
take the train to get to San Diego from Denver.

It was a great way to decompress for the world I left
behind and get ready for the 2-3 MPH world I was about
to enter.

Slept reasonably well and was nowhere as tired as when
I took the Greyhound from Providence,RI to Atlanta 5
yrs ago.  (Lemme tell ya, waiting for my connecting
bus in the NYC bus terminal was an interesting
experience for someone who hardly left his home state
at that point!).

Just one caveat about the train, it can cost as much
as a round trip plane ticket.  Less hassles getting on
a train vs. a plane (esp. with typical backpacker
gear) but it does take longer.


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