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[cdt-l] Food

Last year (damn...I do not like the sound of that
phrase! :D), I went on some stretches on the PCT where
I carried eight days of food or more. (Mainly by
choice...I hate going into town if I can avoid it and
if it makes logisitical sense).

Experiencing the High Sierras for the first time with
minimal re-supply was an intense experience.  The most
food I carried for that stretch was 9 1/2 days. I also
did an eight day stetch from VVR to Tuolomne Meadows
(I do not have my notes handy...my memory is a little
fuzzy on the number of days spent hiking that stretch)

What did I do? Simply carried what I would carry for
the 5 day stretch of re-supply, just more of it.  My
food just weighed more. I should note that I pack
reasonably light, so my total weight carried for 9 1/2
days was 41 lbs or so. This inclued 1 ltr of water and
an ice axe.

I think instead of a cold breakfast consisting of fig
newtons and candy bars (Mom would not like that diet!)
I would have eaten cold oatmeal re-hydrated overnight
to save on the weight. Would have supplimented the
oatmeal with Snickers (of course!).


The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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