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[cdt-l] stoves. ice axes n' stuff

We used a Peak GigaPower stove on our northbound hike in 2002. We shipped
our own fuel with our maildrops. We weren't watching for fuel in towns, but
my guess is that you will not find fuel more than you will find fuel. That's
really just a guess. Here is a list of towns & my feeling. (Probably means
we didn't see it, but fuel is likely to be there.)

Silver City - big enough, but we didn't see any outfitters
Reserve - maybe, grocer had some camping supplies
Pie Town - no
Grants - probably
Cuba - doubtful
Pagosa Springs - probably at Switchback Mtn Gear
Lake City - there is an outfitter that probably has fuel
Salida - probably,
Silverthorne - didn't see any, but its probably there or in adjoining
towns - good free bus system
Grand Lake - probably at Never Summer
Steamboat - probably,
Rawlins - probably,
Dubois - probably at hardware store,
Old Faithful Village - doubtful
Macks Inn - doubtful
Leadore - doubt it, but probably Salmon
Wisdom - no
Butte  - yes
Helena - yes
Lincoln - probably
East Glacier - doubtful

As for ice axes: first, last year NM and CO had very low snow years. We hit
CO at the end of May. There were still a couple of short snow fields where
we wished we had our ice axes. Hikers 1-2 weeks ahead of us bailed out of
the So. San Juans because of snow levels. In a year with anything near
normal snow you will want ice axes from Cumbres Pass to at least Lake City
and probably further.

My opinons, YMMV
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> Hi !
> Thanks for your tip about food - it seems a bit harsh on ourselvs but we
will keep it in mind. ( hoping that food for each day will do )
> We are planning to use a butane - propane stove. Are there tanks available
at towns or do I have to plan that as well and live some spare tanks in my
drift box?
> Another thing : Is an ice ax really necessery ? ( going northbound )
> thanks
> shachaf
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