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[cdt-l] Waterton transportation (was: Another Question)

The shuttle from Waterton to East Glacier stops running a couple days before
you get there :) Anyway that was our experience. Really it stops when they
start closing the park lodges which is approx mid-Sept. Hitching on that
route can be difficult. Seems to me that most tourists don't pick up
backpackers - anywhere. There is not a lot of locals on the road in that
area. Best bet is to strike up a conversation with someone and ask for a
ride. That works pretty well with tourists.

Amtrak has an interesting pricing scheme. The price goes up the fewer seats
that are left to sell. So buy your tickets as soon as you know your dates.
We enjoyed taking Amtrak home. We did get a sleeper. The price of sleeper
includes your meals. The meals are expensive, but good. The difference in
price between sleeper and coach with meals wasn't much. Of course you can
bring your own food in that backpack you are carrying!

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> I think most people take the train (amtrak) to/from East Glacier. It's
> cheaper than a one-way plane ticket (which is never 1/2 of a round-trip
> ticket). Plus, I think the train is a really neat way to prepare yourself
> mentally for the trail - it's not so "sudden". Don't bother with the
> cars though unless you have $'s to spare. The regular seats go "way back".
> One last thing... I thought I remember hearing a story about that
> route being "discontinued" due to amtrak's never-ending financial
problems. I
> don't think that's happened to this point (amtrak still shows it as a
> route), but it's something to watch. I guess the bus would be a second
> From East Glacier, you have to hitch or "make a deal with somebody" to get
> ride to Belly River. Perhaps another hitch if you want to get to Waterton.
> There is a shuttle that runs between all the Glacier Lodges & the Waterton
> lodge, but it doesn't start running until mid-July... I don't know what
time of
> year the shuttle stops running.
> -Jonathan
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> Thanks to everyone who responded to my itinerary question.  I was also
> wondering what cities in Montana and NM are the most ideal to fly into
> in order to then get to the trailhead.  Suggestions?  Thanks!
> --Chris
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