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[cdt-l] stoves. ice axes n' stuff

I don't remember seeing them much (but I wasn't looking), I'd guess they're
available in some places, but not all. You'll probably have better luck finding
them in Silver city, Pagosa Springs, Lake city (maybe), Salida, Silverthorne,
Grand Lake, Steamboat, Rawlins, Dubois (if you go there), old faithful village,
west yellowstone (if you go there), Salmon (if you go there), Butte (if you go
there), maybe Lincoln... maybe east glacier... That might be enough depending
on how many you go through - you might want to just keep 1-2 in your drift box,
which you can replenish when you hit a bigger town.

I don't know if you've considered making an alcohol "pop-can" stove (although
many prefer the "beer can"), but most hikers do. They work great, are
lightweight, and the fuel (usually in the form of gas-line antifreeze like
"HEET") is available everywhere except southern NM.

As for ice axes, it'll depend on the snowpack. NB, I wouldn't expect you'd need
one unless it's a very high snow year in southern CO. SB, You'll need one if
you do the Ahern Drift along the highline trail in almost any snowpack
conditions (it's only a short traverse, but there's no easy way around it). You
might need one in a few other places in glacier & "the bob", but only if the
snowpack is high in MT. I'm curious if last year's SB hiker's needed them...?



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Subject: [cdt-l] stoves. ice axes n' stuff
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Hi !

Thanks for your tip about food - it seems a bit harsh on ourselvs but we will
keep it in mind. ( hoping that food for each day will do )

We are planning to use a butane - propane stove. Are there tanks available at
towns or do I have to plan that as well and live some spare tanks in my drift box?

Another thing : Is an ice ax really necessery ? ( going northbound )



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