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[cdt-l] Another Question

I think most people take the train (amtrak) to/from East Glacier. It's usually
cheaper than a one-way plane ticket (which is never 1/2 of a round-trip
ticket). Plus, I think the train is a really neat way to prepare yourself
mentally for the trail - it's not so "sudden". Don't bother with the sleeper
cars though unless you have $'s to spare. The regular seats go "way back".

One last thing... I thought I remember hearing a story about that particular
route being "discontinued" due to amtrak's never-ending financial problems. I
don't think that's happened to this point (amtrak still shows it as a valid
route), but it's something to watch. I guess the bus would be a second choice.

>From East Glacier, you have to hitch or "make a deal with somebody" to get a
ride to Belly River. Perhaps another hitch if you want to get to Waterton.
There is a shuttle that runs between all the Glacier Lodges & the Waterton
lodge, but it doesn't start running until mid-July... I don't know what time of
year the shuttle stops running.


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Subject: [cdt-l] Another Question
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Thanks to everyone who responded to my itinerary question.  I was also
wondering what cities in Montana and NM are the most ideal to fly into
in order to then get to the trailhead.  Suggestions?  Thanks!

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