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[cdt-l] food

We have always been concerned that we would run out of food, too.

We carry a day's food in a gallon baggie so eight days would be eight
baggies. We never eat today out of tomorrow's food baggies so we never run
out. A bag of food would be, for example, Hot choc and two oatmeal's for
breakfast, a powerbar, snicker, Gatorade, and gorp for snacks, Mac&cheese,
hot choc, cookies and chex mix for dinner. The first gallon bag holds
garbage until the next town, the second bag is recycled for dirty clothes,
etc. If lunch is bagels & cheese we count those out, too.

So I think the answer for us is to divide the food into daily allotments. We
can get almost 6 days food for 2 in a bear canister if we are hiking where
one is required (no place on the CDT) We also carried one extra dinner in
the remote areas of the CDT. We were NoBo so we used Westcliffe who didn't
have accurate mileage and occasionally needed to eat the extra dinner.

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Hey ya'll !

How do one preppare for an eight day's hike without any ressuplys ???

Did you get those meal replacement bars or just carry alot of food ?

My experience with that situation was pretty lame and after the third day I
was left without food and my luck was that we met some food company P.R.ist,
so he gave me and my friend a bag full of snacks and stuff so it was just
inough for us untill the next ressuply.



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