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[cdt-l] itinerary

There used to be a page on the CDTS's old site that was an expanded
version of a list started by Jim & Ginny...(I don't know who expanded
it) it listed all the towns along the CDT w/ abbreviations of what
"resources" each had (Oh no... I'm using business buzz words wrt/
hiking... aaaaah!). Anyway, it could be used either northbound or
southbound... It didn't have mileages or dates, but that's all kind of
subjective anyway.

Does anyone know what happened to that list? Has anyone kept it updated?


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Hi all,

I have been searching websites to find a North to South CDT thru-hike
itinerary with resupplies, dates, and milages listed, but I have only
been able to find journals and a couple South to North itineraries.  Can
someone point me to a sample southbound itinerary?  Thanks!!
--Chris, aka Hiker 816
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