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[cdt-l] CDT Photos


Thanks for the compliments. I heard through the trail grapevine that you
were coming north and figured I'd run into you. I know what you mean by
making it a multiyear effort. That is a TOUGH trail!!!

Met Alan (a friend of yours) on the trail coming out of Yellowstone and
hiked with him till entering the Winds.

I'll consider the slide show. When's the next meeting?


on 1/15/03 3:19 PM, Ronald Moak at rmoak@fallingwater.com wrote:

> Troubadour,
> Great pictures of the CDT! Makes me know what I missed by getting off. I'll
> be back out on it this summer. Looks like the CDT will be a multiyear effort
> for me.
> Maybe you'd like to do a slide show of your CDT hike at the next ALDHA-West
> Gathering. Think about it, you'd get lot's of interest.
> Thanks,
> Ron