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[cdt-l] NM section hike along CDT

I live in Deming, which is not to far from the trailhead. As I stated
before, I plan to do the trail in sections, 3 or 4 day weekends.

I plan the weekend after next to head on down there and see what is what. My
concern is the water. If you hike when it's cooler, you can go a lot further
on less. When it gets hot, I am not sure you can carry enough. So water
drops may be required until you get up to Silver City and beyond.

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 Bill - (and others)

I am considering starting as near the official trailhead, east of Antelope
Wells, as possible.  Maybe use the Trail Angel in Hachita.   Yes, my mid
March start date could  be a little early (just wanted to beat the heat).  I
did read about the high winds in March/April, but also saw where it was
written, "..March is not too early to start.." Sounds though as if folks in
the past have done well leaving early April.   My departure time is

Appreciate everyones comments.  - Yes - the thought has crossed my mind that
it will be difficult to get off trail once having reached Colorado.


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