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[cdt-l] Re: Rides to NM Trailhead

.......It's even longer if you use the directions in the Westcliffe

....boy isn't that the truth!! I remember having an insanely difficult time
with the Westcliffe book in the bootheel. It was never, ever as accurate or
as useful as I  thought it should be. I kept a running account of the nav
errors for a while but gave up after I had the delirious epiphany one night
in the Gila that the whole book sucked so bad it wasn't salvageable. The
maps were the absolute pits... fuzzy, shrunken,  meaningless, multicolored
crap. And as under-detailed as the maps were, they are inexplicably matched
to a narrative rendered equally useless by a myopic focus and an
over-abundance of detail. (turn right at the big spruce tree at mile marker
4.1 then go 100 yards). Arggh!    I had a lot better success with the
Westcliffe guides for Colorado/Wyoming. Then again, I didn't even TRY to
navigate with them. GOT TO HAVE THE QUADS, and a compass.

On the topic of permits, if I recall correctly Indian Peaks Wilderness (just
south of RMNP) requires a backcountry permit BUT it is only obtainable in
Nederland some 15 miles east of the trail. Since I came up through Nederland
I found out about the permit and paid the 5 bucks before I went  in. I have
a feeling that  CDT thru-hikers could just truck-on-thru without risk of
penalty if they are stopped while in this area... the FS folks are more
interested in the gazillion weekenders coming up out of Boulder/Denver.

On  the correctness of paying fees.... I'm not exactly prudish on the
subject of lawfulness, but for me, when I'm out backpacking, paying the park
fees seems perfectly selfish and smart, if doing so doesn't interfere with
the hike as in the above example. I may stealth camp, and I may help myself
to the Govammint TP from time to time, but not paying the fees seems like a
stupid way to have your hike interfered with. One rebellion at a time,

Caleb Ewing