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[cdt-l] [Fwd: Rides to NM Trailhead]

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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 19:01:03 -0700
From: Joel Gilbert <jjgilb@swbell.net>
Subject: Rides to NM Trailhead
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Cc: Joel Gilbert <jjgilb@swbell.net>
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Last year I hauled a few hikers to the NM Bootheel trailhead...Tierra
Commun. Since I'm in El Paso, it's pretty easy for me to pick hikers up
at the EP Airport. From there it's about 2 hours to Columbus on paved
road or about 4 to Tierra Commun 2 hours on nice paved road and another
couple on rough ranch road. It's even longer if you use the directions
in the Westcliffe.

I'm a science teacher, so weekdays are out. You might plan on flying in
on a Friday afternoon, grabbing a cab to West El Paso and spending the
night at a motel, of which there are several. If we start out early on
Saturday, you should be on the trail by early afternoon and be able to
spend the night at Sheridan Canyon Windmill. Let me know fairly early
so we can coordinate our calendars.

By the way, nights have been in the 20's & days in the 50's & 60's
since New Years. El Paso is about 66% of our normal precip and I'm
betting that the bootheel isn't any better. Plan on a dry year. And
whenever you meet a rancher, thank him for his windmills.

Joel Gilbert