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[cdt-l] Re: CDT-L digest, Vol 1 #472 - 4 msgs

In my experience in 2002, the navigational problems on the CDT in New Mexico
were somewhat overrated (had much more trouble in MT/ID!). The spaces in
southern NM are wide open, which allow for easy landmark-sighting. I didn't
carry a GPS nor did I feel like I needed one. The only spot that was
troublesome for navigation was in norther NM in the Carson, in the middle of
forest with criss-crossing jeep tracks. But in the south, the combination of
maps and guidebooks with very basic compass skills (i.e., general directions
rather than taking very detailed bearings) was more than enough. This
depends somewhat on how often you go cross country, but on the whole, I
wouldn't worry too much about route-finding....

As far as start date, Sly is right about the flexibility required depending
on snow... But we started on April 12 and were happy with the cooler
temperatures, easy water availability, and a nice easy pace with lots of
layover days to start out with. Lots of mid-afternoon naps too! :-)


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>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:04:23 EST
>Subject: Re: [cdt-l] Spring 2003 thru-hike, NM - CDT
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> > Experienced PCT hiker, interested in hiking partner(s) for a mid March -
> > April 2003 (or there abouts) thru-hike of the CDT in NM.
> >
> > Somewhat concerned about my navigational abilities (especially in the
> > southern portion of the state) to strike out alone.
> >
>You're right to be concerned about navigation.  The CDT is not a very well
>marked trail.
>I think you'll find that most hikers start around mid April, early May so
>they don't get to the high country in Colorado too early.  You may want to
>adjust your start date in order to find a partner.  Remember, you'll have
>be flexible.  Even in a average snow year, most northbounders, usually have
>to leapfrog or flip.
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