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[cdt-l] CDT hiking permits

The only permits you need are for Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.
(And Rocky Mountain National Park if you camp in it.)You can only get them
the day before you camp in the park. This presents a really interesting
problem for northbounders entering Yellowstone. You are days away from the
nearest road.
What worked for us was to call the parks from the last re-supply before
entering the park. Tell them you are a thru-hiker with no car and you have
no way to get to their office to watch their bear video. Then ask them what
to do. In both cases I got our permit over the phone even though it is
against both parks policies.

There is a small fee for each nights campsite that we charged to our Visa
card.  They also insist that you hang your food from bear cables in most
campsites. So bring rope (or buy it in Dubois as I did).

Saw your other post about start times. My feeling is that northbound timing
is really difficult unless you pick a drought year. Last year was very dry
in southern Colorado and conducive to hiking northbound. The 2 places that
determine hiking times are Glacier and the South San Juans. You probably
need to check other areas near them too. Don't check to early either. Late
storms are common. Glacier had a big storm last June 4. Heard horror stories
about it from thru-hikers, rangers and locals.

Good Luck
Northbound CDT 2002
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> Hi !
> Another question :
> Did any of you thru hikers Get a special permit some time in advance, to
anywhere on the trail ?
> If I have to get one, then which and where do I get them ?
> 10x.
> shachaf.
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