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[cdt-l] Spring 2003 thru-hike, NM - CDT

Where are you starting from? I plan to do the CDT starting from the south
heading north. I live here in SW NM, so I plan to do it in sections. March
and April here are supposed to be nasty due to the very high winds. Very,
Very dusty. I am new, been here since June and have not seen it all yet.

Bill (DesertRat)

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Experienced PCT hiker, interested in hiking partner(s) for a mid March -
April 2003 (or there abouts) thru-hike of the CDT in NM.

Somewhat concerned about my navigational abilities (especially in the
southern portion of the state) to strike out alone.

Cindy  (Freebird)
PCT 2001 (2200 miles)
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