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I have been looking forward to posting, however until now I did not realize
that I needed to post via my hotmail address. Small wonders...
The number for Auto Driveaway Company is 800-346-2277. They are located in
nearly every major US city. You will need to call the office in the city that
you wish to leave from. The trick is to call often when you near your
departure date. You may have choices or you may not. They do not seem to know
very much in advance what vehicles are available.
I drove a 98 Grand Cherokee from Baltimore to Santa Monica in April 99 just
prior to walking the PCT. There was a bit of paperwork to deal with which can
be done in advance. The deposit was $300. and I was responsible for the gas.
In some cases you may negotiate a gas allowance. I delivered the vehicle to
its owner who then signed off and called the LA office to confirm that they
had recieved their vehicle. Once you complete this part of your mission you
then make your way to the actual office to get your deposit back. For some
reason the owner of the Cherokee reported a small scratch in the paint when
calling the office. This was after signing off. I eventually got my deposit
back a few days later. This was complicated a bit by the fact I had already
begun the trail. Also it is best to use cash. Otherwise you will recieve a
check instead of a credit to your credit card.
I have an even better story about the van that survived the misson ridge fire
in June 2002 as I walked the CDT...
Peace, Love and a humble step,

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