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[cdt-l] Re: South from NM

yeah, i can say that the thought of a walk along the whole divide has
crossed my mind a few times since hiking the CDT. i haven't heard of anyone
who has done that either, but people have certainly walked from patagonia
north (and possibly the other way), just not along the divide. george meegan
(who wrote a book called The Longest Walk) is one. and karl bushby
(www.goliathexpedition.com) is in the midst of a walk that started in
patagonia and will end up crossing the bering straits and finishing in
england. pretty wild stuff...

the thing is, both those guys took lots and lots of roads. much as i enjoy
pounding the pavement and inhaling fumes, that would kind of go against the
idea for me... obviously, there were viability issues involved, safety and
logistics, etc... but whether a walk along the divide itself would be
practical for the length of central and south america, i don't know... i do
know it would make for a hell of an international CDT.


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>I guess not.
>Actually, I think I've heard of people who've hiked to Tierra del Fuego,
>but not necessarily along/near the divide.  It's something I've thought
>of doing myself, but not too seriously (mostly during boring meetings at
>work). I would think there would be major problems with access in Mexico
>- I think a lot of that land is private & I wouldn't feel too safe
>sneaking across ranches in Mexico. Trying to bushwhack through the
>jungles in central America would be a bit of a hassle. I think it's a
>bit more remote in the Andes, but I'd guess there are still major safety
>& resupply problems... (I have this vision of packing live chickens in
>the middle of nowhere in Peru) I have heard you can piece-together about
>1000 decent miles in the highlands of Bolivia & Peru on old Inca trails.
>Then there are routefinding issues. Plus, I don't know how long it would
>take & how the seasons would allow a continuous hike. I'm not saying it
>couldn't be done... probably depends on how close to the divide you'd
>want to stay.  Anyway, I haven't researched any of this... just sounded
>like an interesting thread to ramble-on about.
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>Has anyone hiked the Continental Divide south to Patagonia?
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