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[cdt-l] Thank you!!

here is a link to my website that has our itnerary on it. I have just gotten
the last of my "mail home stuff" so will be updating my CDT web pages soon.
Good set of links on CDTS website: http://www.cdtsociety.org/links.htm
You will find lots of different itineraries for the CDT. If you haven't
already, check Johnathan Ley's website.

I second Sly's recommendation to get the CDTS guides. The CDTA guides were
lacking in some sections - notably MT/ID. I haven't seen the CDTS guide for
southern NM.

Don't hesitate to post questions to the list. Lots of experienced hikers
with helpful information there.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for all the links and info you posted
in response to my query.  It has been extremely helpful!!
--Hiker 816
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