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[cdt-l] South from New Mexico

I guess not.

Actually, I think I've heard of people who've hiked to Tierra del Fuego,
but not necessarily along/near the divide.  It's something I've thought
of doing myself, but not too seriously (mostly during boring meetings at
work). I would think there would be major problems with access in Mexico
- I think a lot of that land is private & I wouldn't feel too safe
sneaking across ranches in Mexico. Trying to bushwhack through the
jungles in central America would be a bit of a hassle. I think it's a
bit more remote in the Andes, but I'd guess there are still major safety
& resupply problems... (I have this vision of packing live chickens in
the middle of nowhere in Peru) I have heard you can piece-together about
1000 decent miles in the highlands of Bolivia & Peru on old Inca trails.
Then there are routefinding issues. Plus, I don't know how long it would
take & how the seasons would allow a continuous hike. I'm not saying it
couldn't be done... probably depends on how close to the divide you'd
want to stay.  Anyway, I haven't researched any of this... just sounded
like an interesting thread to ramble-on about.


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Has anyone hiked the Continental Divide south to Patagonia?