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[cdt-l] hiking partner wanted - CDT


I live in the Deming area (SW NM I-10 & Hwy 180) and plan to do some section
hiking (3-4 days only) through NM. I have not started as yet due to the
logistical problems of drop-offs and pickups. However, I am working those
issues now. I would be interested if you do not mind shorterm company. I
have not looked at the trail from that far north to south. I figured on
starting down here and going the other way. But, it would be an adventure.
So I am not familiar with that part of the trail except for driving through
the country. Hardly flat.

DesertRat (Bill Hendrickson)

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My New Mexico hiking partner had to cancel out so I am
looking for someone to hike south to north through New
Mexico starting late April/early May.  I will continue
on the trail after that as well but depending on snow
levels in Colorado, may skip ahead.  I am a 45 year
old woman, have hiked both the PCT and the AT and want
to stay off of the roads as much as possible in New
Mexico.  I am waiting to receive Jim Wolf's new
guidebook but anticipate that I will follow his route.
 I hope to average 15 miles a day - depending on
terrain and route finding.  My biggest concern is
being able to find the way and would like another pair
of eyes and another brain to help with that. I am easy
going and have hiked a lot on my own as well as with
others for periods of time on the longer trails.
E-mail me if interested or if you know of someone who
might be. Thanks.

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