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[cdt-l] gps waypoints & TOPO USA

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>With the TOPO program I should be able to verify any of the waypoints. For
>those points that I marked from my mini hikes off the CDT, the program
>seemed accurate. Actually, more accurate than one of my USGS maps.

I'd have to agree with that.  I used a Garmin III GPS unit in conjunction with
TOPO! brand cd-roms and found it to be highly accurate.  I would plot
waypoints using the TOPO! maps (water holes, streams, important crossroads
etc.) and then I would download these waypoints to the GPS.  While hiking I
turn on the GPS and very quickly locate these important locales (like American
Spring and Ojo de los Indios north of Mt. Taylor).  Plus you can save
waypoints created on the trail (places you camped, springs that were dry, that
secret waterfall or that place you took a picture of a bear) and then upload
these to your maps when you return home, giving you the ultimate personal
trail guide.


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