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[cdt-l] CDTA volunteer positions


When we walked north from Leadore through the Salmon National Forest we were
on beautiful new trail with imaginative rock cairns that had directional
arms to signal turns. This was one of my favorite sections of the CDT and I
made a mental note to write a letter to Salmon NF.

Now the Odd part. Finishing up in Glacier NP we ran into two hikers and we
all said "I expected to have the trail to myself. What are you doing?" One
of the women was very excited to hear that we thru hiked and proudly told us
that she had worked on trail near Dillon! (Same pass as Leadore, other
state.) She said trail crew was one of the best things she's done and a
great experience. She is still in touch with the other workers that she met.
Her name is Diane and she lives in Whitefish, MT. I know that she would tell
you that volunteering was time well spent and she wants to do it every year
and that she really enjoys her new friends from various locations. Go for
it! Shall I give her your name and address? I only have her snail mail and
would senr yours to her.

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Hello all.

I was just wondering if anyone here has participated in the past with the
CDTA volunteer program in the summers.  I'm thinking of signing up for a
couple of trips, and would love to hear others experiences if they gone
before.  You can check out the positions on the website:
http://www.cdtrail.org/  under the Volunteer menu.

Christine Shaw

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