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[cdt-l] Important Fee-Demo Survey on Public Broadcasting's website

Fees to hike are here in some areas and coming in

These are NOT vehicle entrance fees at National Park
areas.  These are fees to walk trails, hike in Forest
Service / BLM Wilderness Areas, etc.

Read below and click on the website to voice your
opinion about paying $$$ to hike trails and walk on
public land.

>  jholt <jholt@durangolive.net> wrote:From: "jholt"
> To:
> Subject: Important Fee-Demo Survey on Public
> Broadcasting's website ej
> Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 14:58:53 -0700
> (whether you live in Oregon or elsewhere: website
> below)
> Last night Oregon Public Broadcasting's popular TV
> show, "Oregon Field
> Guide," spotlighted the controversy surrounding the
> federal recreation fee
> demonstration program. The premise behind the
> production and airing of this
> program was most extraordinary --- and I thank the
> show's producers for what
> they have done. Because fee-demo was enacted by
> Congress in 1996 without
> public input, OPB took it upon themselves to provide
> an opportunity for such
> comment --- knowing that Congress will soon be
> deciding whether to
> permanently authorize recreation user fees on
> Americas public lands or to
> let the "demonstration" terminate next year.
> Those who missed the program and live within the
> broadcasting area can view
> a repeat, Sunday 2/9/03 at 6:30. For those who know
> me only through e-mail,
> here's a chance to put a face to those e-mails.
> MORE IMPORTANTLY ... in conjunction with the show,
> OPB created a online
> chat, an online forum, and an online survey. The
> chat was frenetic while it
> lasted and it is now closed. The forum and survey,
> however, remain open and
> will remain open for several weeks, perhaps longer.
> After they are closed to
> further comment, they will be archived on OPB's web
> site for further
> reference. This forum and survey will provide the
> very best repository of
> fee-demo related public comment available anywhere.
> I encourage everyone
> interested in this issue to use this new OPB
> resource to its fullest.
> If you want to make your opinions of the recreation
> fee program known, this
> forum and survey provide a great opportunity to do
> it. Even if you didn't
> watch the show, your opinions on recreation user
> fees are important and need
> to be heard.
> Last week, President Bush asked Congress to
> permanently authorize a
> recreation fee program and to do so this year. Your
> Federal land managers
> are now lobbying hard in support of these fees.
> Adding your comments to this
> forum provides you with an opportunity to have your
> opinions seen and
> counted.
> The place to go on the internet is:
> http://www.opb.org/programs/ofg/chat/
> There you can take the survey by clinking the
> picture captioned:
> "Pay-to-Play : Take the Survey Now". You can also
> read the forum and add you
> own comments by clicking on the words: "Expert
> Panel" located below the
> heading: "Message Boards".
> Congress never did give you an opportunity to be
> heard when they changed the
> way in which public lands would be funded. Today,
> fully six years into what
> was originally authorized as a three year
> "demonstration program", Oregon
> Public Broadcasting has provided the opportunity
> Congress never did. Please
> use it --- and let your friends and fellow lovers of
> the great outdoors know
> about this opportunity too.
> Thanks much
> Scott
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