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[cdt-l] CDT Start on 5 March


My friends John and Mary Sue (not thru-hikers, no trail names!) will
start the first couple segments from Terra Comun with me on Cinco de
Marcho. I hope to section hike the CDT, and have been on parts of the CO
portion while supporting Anneliese last year,
http://www.trailprojects.com/anneliese.html . If my friends can't abide
by my off- and on-trail schedule, I'll be asking for partners via this
list on short notice. I'd like to hike NM sections NoBo until parts of
CO can be hiked, then go there SoBo, maybe also some of GNP. Please
contact me offline if you are similarly afflicted with the desire to
hike the more interesting sections during 3-4 weeklong periods.  --
"Campy" - sort of a trail name.

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