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[cdt-l] (Guest Post) Looking for North bound group

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In a message dated 2/17/2003 8:56:26 AM Eastern Standard Time,
shachafbha@yahoo.com writes:

> My name is Shachaf from Israel and I intend to start at the 7th of april,
> northbound from NM.
> I'll probably be at the states at the beggining of april. Then it's only a
> matter of days until I arrange my stuff together and hit the trail.

Hey Shachaf,

Congratulations on your upcoming hike.

Will you be starting from the beginning at one of the southern most points in
NM and hiking the entire trail?  I wholeheartly suggest you use the CDT
Society guidebooks.  I found even reading them backwards, which wasn't that
hard, that they were better detailed then the Westcliffe guides are and far
more accurate.  Although at times they vary from the official route, it's
generally considered more scenic with a lot less paved road walking.  Not to
mention they're much lighter!

Check them out: <A HREF="www.cdtsociety.org">www.cdtsociety.org</A>

If you have any other question feel free to ask!