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[cdt-l] RE: Still Looking for my Friends - Ishmael

Joe Bob wrote:

>>>   It's been a great day!!  I found Sly and Ben today.  Am hoping to
locate Is= hmael.  Wonder if you ever made it out of Strawberry Springs.
Did I unders= tand that your car made it through the fire safely?
Congratulations on you= r 132 days! Joe Bob Nuckles (Flatlander)   <<<

Ishmael came back to Durango to pick up his truck, it was late October,
I think.  I picked him up at the Farmington airport and delivered him to
family(?) in Durango.  His van needed major cosmetic repairs after being
stuck in the Missionary Ridge fire at Vallecito reservoir.

Anyway, he is an ALDHA member (www.aldha.org) and I think you can find
his e-mail there.

Ke Kaahawe

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