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[cdt-l] Travailles of the northbounder

I can just about bet I would agree...

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>> Hey Sly, if you dig, tell us northbounding wanna-be's more about post-holing
>> in the southern San Juans. What time of year was this? Did conditions
>> improve as you retreated from the Divide, or did the snow just get warmer?
>> What about snow shoes for the truly stubborn?
> LOL...  It was only bad for two days and quite the experience.  Let me put it
> this way, I dropped 12 pounds in the 65 miles from Cumbres Pass to Pagosa
> Springs after only losing 8 in the first 400 miles I hiked in NM.
> We left Cumbres Pass the last week of May in a very low snow year.  For the
> truly stubborn, in a normal snow year or above, I wouldn't advise attempting
> CO without snow shoes.
> Regardless, it's an absolutely beautiful area and very remote.  You'll not
> likely see very many others out there early season, if any at all, so be
> prepared.
> It's also been said there may be a Griz in the area.   My thoughts on those
> beautiful beast deserves another post, but it's not likely many would agree.
> Sly
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