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[cdt-l] Travailles of the northbounder

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In a message dated 2/8/2003 11:12:55 PM Eastern Standard Time,
blisterfree@earthlink.net writes:

> Hey Sly, if you dig, tell us northbounding wanna-be's more about post-holing
> in the southern San Juans. What time of year was this? Did conditions
> improve as you retreated from the Divide, or did the snow just get warmer?
> What about snow shoes for the truly stubborn?

LOL...  It was only bad for two days and quite the experience.  Let me put it
this way, I dropped 12 pounds in the 65 miles from Cumbres Pass to Pagosa
Springs after only losing 8 in the first 400 miles I hiked in NM.

We left Cumbres Pass the last week of May in a very low snow year.  For the
truly stubborn, in a normal snow year or above, I wouldn't advise attempting
CO without snow shoes.

Regardless, it's an absolutely beautiful area and very remote.  You'll not
likely see very many others out there early season, if any at all, so be

It's also been said there may be a Griz in the area.   My thoughts on those
beautiful beast deserves another post, but it's not likely many would agree.