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[cdt-l] Travailles of the northbounder

This isn't a mosquito story but a large moth story. We were hiking at noon
south of Fox Park on a gorgeous sunny day beside a small creek through one
of the best wildflower fields on the entire trip. Flying insects buzzed my
ears and then one flew IN my ear! It was too big to turn around and couldn't
back out. The fluttering made me dizzy. We tried to entice it out with a
photon. No luck. Ken poured water in my ear which made it flutter more. I
remembered warm oil for earaches as a child and we tried olive oil which at
least killed the moth. It was now so far down the ear canal that Ken
couldn't see it and we knew better than trying to swab it out with a q tip.
I "wore" that moth for four days to the clinic at Old Faithful and paid $159
for the Dr to flush it out with catheter tubing and water. (I was the third
bug-in-ear patient that season!)

That is the extent of our medical emergencies.

Olive oil is great. We started carrying it for extra calories in an 8 oz
water bottle and haven't had any leaking. I also used it as a lotion for
chapped legs when hiking up the Gila River.

At Wolf Creek Pass we tried to outrun mosquitoes at lunch time and were
caught in the June 4th snow storm around 4:00. Mosquitoes weren't a problem
after that it the S San Juan's. The only place that I remember wearing DEET
(bought in Lake City) was in the parks north of Twin Lakes.

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     Bugs were not a concern in New Mexico last
spring.  The locals that we talked to in May said that
it hadn't rained since Christmas.  So there was very
little surface water.  Sly and I skipped from Grants
to Cumbres Pass when the National Forests closed due
to the fire hazard.  When we returned in the fall to
finish that section southbound some of the worst
mosquitos were around the cattle tanks south of Cuba
(where I got rid of my DEET).  Of course, anyone who
has hiked with me knows, I freak out if one mosquito
flies by my ear.
    In any case, with the possible exception of the
section just south of Steamboat Springs, the mosquitos
on the CDT don't come close to the clouds in the High
Sierra during snowmelt.
    As for the snow in the South San Juans last
spring, It was an extremely low snow year and our only
problem with snow was on the north facing slopes.
Once we learned to drop to the creek valley below the
snowfields and parallel the trail it became much


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