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[cdt-l] Fwd: [at-l] Ann McDuff of "Annie and the Salesman" has died

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This was really sad news.  We hiked with Ann and Larry on the CDT last summer.
Ken & Marcia Powers
 John O <johno@monmouth.com> wrote:From: John O
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Subject: [at-l] Ann McDuff of "Annie and the Salesman" has died
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 15:42:23 -0500

Dear fellow hikers,
Please join me in mourning the loss of a dear friend. Ann McDuff, of "Annie
and the Salesman," was killed yesterday while riding her bike near her home
in Fairhope, Alabama.
Her son Laurence ("Fairhope" of 1992) called me this morning with the news.
I've posted a personal tribute to her on the ALDHA Web page and I would be
happy to include any thoughts you might want to add to that. Her funeral
will be Saturday at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Daphne, Ala., in case
anyone who's nearby can make it. There is a link in the online tribute to a
news story that ran today about the accident, with details on the service.
I am personally devastated by this news, especially when I think about all
the people in ALDHA she touched during her all-too-brief
time on the trail. She gave an eloquent testimonial at the 2000 Gathering
and was there once again in attendance with her husband
Larry at last year's Gathering.
If anyone has any pictures of Ann they would like to share on the Web page,
please send those along as well.
Condolences can be sent to the McDuffs at P.O. Box 164, Montrose, AL
She was quite fond of ALDHA Gatherings and Trail Days. While she always
traveled light, she never forgot to carry along a smile,
especially for those times when she spotted trail friends at hiker
get-togethers. Walk in peace, Ann.

~Bill O'Brien

"Bill O'Brien"

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