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[cdt-l] Trail route question


There may be a few posts in the archive about this, and there are a lot
of opinions about which route(s) are best, etc. I'd say the CDTS & CDTA
routes are about 95% the same... less so in New Mexico. And, in addition
to those two routes, there are dozens of other alternates, etc. If you
follow the "official route" the whole way, you'll miss out on some
really cool stuff. For example, in the southern part of the Wind River
Range in WY, the CDTA guide book route follows a road because the
author's Llama couldn't get over a pass down there (at least I think
that's why). That pass (who's name escapes me right now) is way cool &
easily hikeable. Same goes for some other bits in the Wind Rivers. Plus,
the "official" route through very northern NM is on a road because of
political reasons. You're much better off heading through the Carson NF.
Also, in southern NM, I think it's crazy to pass up the Gila River
canyon & hike the divide... although I hear the trail on parts of the
divide in the southern Gila NF is new & nice.  There are about a dozen
shorter alternates in Montana & Colorado that are really cool too.

If you're looking to say "I hiked the 'real' CDT, and all you other
people just blue-blazed, etc"... I think you'll miss out on the best of
the CDT. However, if you're just looking for the best/coolest route to
take, it's probably best to research the details more & pick a route
that you think is best based on all the info you can find. Plus, you may
well choose to change your mind if you meet other hikers, or have to
deal with fires/snow/weather, or just hear about something cool along
the way. In any case, looks like you have a little while to figure it
all out! Good luck with your plans!


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Hi All,

I am going to be walking the Continental Divide Trail
in 2005 and I was wondering if someone could answer a
quick question about the routes. I know that the CDT
Alliance and the CDT Society publish their own
separate guidebooks for the trail. I would like to
know how the routes differ as I know there are the
'Designated Route' and the 'CDT Society route'. So, I
assume that the CDT Alliance guidebooks follow the
Designated Route ?


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