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[cdt-l] Gear Test Notifications


My name is Andrew Priest and I am a List Moderator with the gear test 
group, BackpackGearTest.org. BackpackGearTest.org is involved in testing 
gear (normally over a six month period) for manufacturers. Gear is tested 
by a group of testers who are just backpackers like you and me. No money is 
involved, nor is there any gain to BackpackGearTest.org at all, however, 
the tester does get to keep the gear at the end of the test period. In fact 
if you are interested, why not check us out? You can find us at 

Anyway, one thing we do is post a message on various forums (mainly Yahoo! 
and newsgroups) once a month listing the test series completed during the 
past month. This consists of the manufacturer's name + product name + link 
to the reports.

My question is: Is there interest in a monthly posting as outlined, 
bringing you folks up to date on completed tests? My intention (assuming it 
is ok) is to post an announcement once a month.


Andrew Priest
List Moderator
Aushiker: Hiking in Western Australia - http://aushiker.com
President - Perth Bushwalkers Club Inc - http://www.perthbushwalkers.asn.au
Official Gear Tester - http://www.backpackgeartest.org
ICQ N0. 38215599
Bibbulmun Track End to End - 2003
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