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[cdt-l] Tony Hillerman Fans

The bootheel is one of my favorite places to get lost; so I'll be sure 
to pick the book up. As for the safety...I've never had any problems. 
I've taken about 5 groups to the area and always love showing of some 
of the beauty in this seemingly "desolate" area. The Mexican ranchers 
have stopped to talk to us, illegal aliens have opened gates for me and 
some of the hikers reported sharing meals with some illegals. Ask the 
Border Patrol and they'll tell you that it's dangerous, don't go 
there...and I've never seen any BP. I have had my campsite buzzed by a 
US Customs chopper though. And I did get stopped by a friendly Deputy 
for going 60 mph in a 55 while going down there once.

As for the difference between Jim Wolfe's trail head and the 
"Official"...Jim's is an easy taxi ride south of Deming. The official 
trailhead is a 4-5 hour ride from El Paso. The last 2-3 hours are on 
rough ranch road...and don't use the road to the trailhead that's 
recommended in Westcliffe...it will make the ride longer and rougher.

Last month, my wife pointed out an article in the newspaper about the 
BP finding a BIG pot stash in the bootheel. So, drug activity may be 
picking up in the area.

Joel Gilbert

On Sunday, December 14, 2003, at 04:13 PM, Ginny & Jim Owen wrote:

> I just finished his latest mystery, "The Sinister Pig".  A large part 
> of it takes place down in the bootheel of New Mexico, with frequent 
> references to the Big and Little Hatchets, etc.  Those who have hiked 
> through there would probably enjoy pinpointing the exact locations.  
> Even without that, the description of the desert was very familiar to 
> those who have been in southern NM.  A question though - did any of 
> you have noteworthy experiences with either border agents or illegal 
> border crossers in that area?  It seems to me that the Deming route 
> would be a bit safer in that respect, simply because it is more 
> populated -- you don't have the 60 miles of nothing but desert that 
> you have in the bootheel.  I seem to remember a blimp above the border 
> at Columbus - I wonder how long they were watching us approach?
> Ginny
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